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Hello...I am LilMsGlitter...But I am better known to my friends by the name Frooty....

I am from Texas and I am very happily married...I really enjoy making these blinkies and I hope you will enjoy looking around...Please right click and save to your hard drive...

If you like what you see...Please make a donation to help keep this site going...For every donation...I will make you a personal blinkie for yourself , website or business...I also can make banners if you prefer...

I will end this by thanking my adopted sis Dani for building my website...She handles the website while I make the blinkies...So it is "our" website....

Thanks for stopping by...


LilMsGlitter ( Frooty )

P. S. ...If  I have used a graphic or tube that you don't want me to use...Please let me know and I will remove the blinkie from my site

Also...Please do not add my blinkies to a website without permission

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